The Education Issue

In America, education is a highly sought after thing. In order to get a good job, get an education; in order to provide for your family, get an education; move up in social status, get an education. Everything is based on education. It the ultimate foundation of all citizens around the world, not just America.

But why is that in America teachers are treated so poorly? They have no voice or input on what goes on in their job. The standards, laws and pay are all decided on by people who have never stepped foot in the classroom. They are told what to teach, how much time they have to teach it, what their students must do to prove they have taught the material. Everything in education falls back on the teachers.

The teachers are the only ones being held accountable for anything. It is never the students’ fault for not passing a test, the teacher must have not done an affective job. Heaven forbid they look at whether the student showed up to school or let alone class. If they followed directions and payed attention while the teacher was trying to do their job. Or even if they cared whether or not they passed tests.

How is it that teachers have differentiated instruction shoved down their throats day after day, listening to how all students learn different but yet the only indicator on student success is a standardized test that does not take differentiated students into account!

Teachers are forced to come up with multiple lesson plans for the different students they hold in their classroom but they all take the same test. How is that helpful or insightful?

Back to the accountability aspect, parents are no longer accountable for their students. If there is a problem it is the teachers fault. It doesn’t matter that their child cannot behave or follow directions to save his life. I would love to send parents into a classroom for even an hour. Better yet, send those people making all the decisions into a classroom and base their job off how successful they are for the day.

For a job that the success of the entire population relies on, teachers are the most undervalued, underpaid, and under appreciated people. Next time before you go to blame the teachers, take a look at yourself and your child and make sure they problem doesn’t truly lay within.

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