Street Smarts

All over the U.S. areas are getting hit with a cold front that has brought anywhere from an inch of ice to seventeen feet of snow. Now, depending on where you live these are both cause for extremely dangerous road conditions, businesses and schools closing, and unfortunately idiots who think they are capable of driving through it when they are definitely not.

This over confidence is what causes road conditions to become increasingly worse. I do agree and understand that there are such things as accidents but then you have the complete opposite. People who think they are such good drivers that there is no need to head any warning or sign that posts dangerous conditions.

It is these types of people that cause a majority of the accidents on days like this. When these people get out they cause all sorts of damage. Damage to cars, lives, and even structural buildings.

Hopefully, when these very unfortunate events occur you or the person who has been found at fault has insurance to cover both the car damage and the damage caused to your body. After an auto injury, I highly recommend finding a chiropractor quickly! There are a lot of injuries that last for a long time after the accident has occurred and these can be handled by simply getting adjusted and receiving muscle stem therapy at the chiropractors office.

I received great references and had great experiences at Manley Chiropractic in Arlington, TX.  They handled the insurance part of my auto accident so well! And the care I received was top notch, as well as having an amazing staff that really shows you they care about each individual patient.

Even after my time being seen was up for my auto accident I continued to go. My insurance did not cover what I would have liked to, however, they do accept cash patients and the prices are extremely reasonable and definitely more than do able.

SO if you have found yourself victim to an over zealous driver or even simply just an accident make sure you take care of yourself. It really pays off in the long run.

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