A little American Arrogance

I was reading a blog post when I came across the UK version of naming the American States.  While Pretty comical, it was largely ineffective.  They got a few right mainly Texas or commonly labeled “oil” , California and a few east coast states.

So at least we understand where the oil comes from in the United States.  Its no wonder we won the revolutionary war.  So I immediately went for the arrogance of us being better than the UK in every way.

So where does that all come from.  Every wonder where all that pent up we are better than pretty much everybody attitude started.

Well I have no clue, but I know that we have pretty much better everything.  Better cars, limos, guns, teeth, and just about everything else.  That is not to mention we actually.

In fairness, I do have to give credit where credit is due.  Golf … You can have golf but pretty much everything else is better here.

I am not entirely sure where it starts but it is definitely there.  But it was an interesting thought to think about.  It keep me busy for the 3 hours I was stuck in traffic today.

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